The story we are about to tell you follows many of the events that took place in Italy, a nation that has seen itself in the recent past as a world reference both for the quality of what it offered to the world, and for the inestimable well-being and artistic heritage. accumulated over time; results achieved with inspiration, mastery, passion, unparalleled talents that led the country until a few decades ago to be the fourth manufacturing power in the world and the seventh economy on the planet. Yet if you look at the globe you will notice a very small peninsula in the Mediterranean, a micro-strip of land called Italy, an elongated dot that does not even reach zero point five percent of the land and its population, the Italians, represent about zero. eight percent of the world population, not even one percent, yet it prevailed over 191 nations and populations of the 194 existing states. Incredible.

The story we will talk about began in the 70s in a laboratory in Moncalieri, Turin, the founder Osvaldo Crivello developed intercom systems to be installed in helmets for both motorcycles and car racing. In a short time, many car and motorcycle pilots made use of these systems that bore the name OSBE. Over the years the company grew to the point of creating the production of motorcycle helmets directly. Osbe is the company that invented the retractable double sun visor in motorcycle helmets. After a few years, the production of ski and winter sports helmets was added to the production of helmets and intercoms. In that context it was the first house in the world to produce ski helmets with visors, tracing a trend that is still imitated today in every part of the globe.



At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, Osbe met the interest of a French company from which it was taken over.  

In the following years, the Osbe was transformed into a simple production unit on behalf of the French brand. 

After a few years it has returned to being a Made in Italy company. The historic brand was revived and production relaunched from the historic Moncalieri plant.

Once the industry was reorganized, a dynamic management team was formed involving some of the historic Italian workers and experts with specific specializations. In a short time the company was able to create new models of helmets for both motorcycles and skis. 

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 drama has had a significant impact on all sectors including that of motorcycle accessories and winter sports. Nonetheless, Osbe gritted his teeth, continued to work and innovate. 

Today the Italian company boasts revolutionary innovations with finishes in new materials, including unique and specific lines for the female public, among these we mention the first scooter helmets in the world with a visor that closes flush with the shell (and not above the shell) favoring a unique design and an unparalleled aerodynamics and much more.

The company sees itself engaged in a relaunch based on the renewed culture of true Made in Italy. Helmets made entirely in Italy, highly technological shells mainly in composite fibers, carbon and new materials, all with finishes performed by expert craftsmen who intend to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users.

Italians are sometimes able to work real miracles, but it is also true that the scenarios often reserve obstacles that go beyond the laws of the market as in these two years of health problems. Despite everything, the top management of the company trust not only in their innate optimism, but are confident that both Italians and foreign users will be able to evaluate and choose the best for their safety and for their style desires, including Osbe. will try to carve out the space it deserves. Each Osbe helmet contains a piece of history made of totally Italian passion and sacrifices; helmets and accessories that hopefully can still prove for many years that Italy still exists and is more alive and combative than is usually imagined.

Welcome back Osbe.

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