The DemiJet Profile it is a novelty on the market that is enjoying enormous interest and consensus. Despite being considered a new DemiJet, it is the result of a fascinating journey that starts from far away. The Osbe helmet company boasts many patents and innovations in both motorcycle and winter sports helmets; was the first company to create the double visor on motorcycle helmets and is remembered as the first manufacturer of the ski helmet with visor. But how do the two sectors cross? And above all, what does the Profile case have to do with this premise? It is soon said. In 2010 Osbe created a revolutionary ski helmet, the Bellagio (photo 1), the first helmet that, thanks to a technological innovation, has a visor that closes flush with the profile of the shell and, at the same time, does not present any external mechanism visible on the sides of the helmet, we are talking about those mechanisms that serve to regulate the rotation of the visor in opening and closing.

The result was so encouraging that Osbe immediately began developments to apply this idea to the motorcycle helmet as well. In fact, in 2014 the first DemiJet with this technology was born and was named Bellagio, it was the first motorcycle helmet on the market with the visor flush with the shell equipped with this innovation. The opening of the visor is not like the others, it proceeds in two movements, the first goes towards the outside of the cap (as if it were a drawer) to detach the visor from its interlocking housing, while the second turns towards the classic rotation as is usually the case for common visors.

The Bellagio aroused interest not only towards customers but also towards other manufacturing companies, in fact there were some helmet manufacturers who asked Osbe to be supplied with this innovative mechanism to be able to insert it on their helmets; proposal that the company preferred not to accept. 

After seven years of technical improvements and development in terms of design, the Moncalieri company presents the result of this path, a result that the marketing department has named "Profile"; naming that further enhances the “flush” concept with the profile of the shell. This system, in addition to guaranteeing an aerodynamics never reached up to now, gives an extreme "cleanliness" in the design that has no visible mechanisms and protrusions on the sides of the helmet. The Profile is the result of an original Made in Italy, an extraordinary helmet that meets the expectations both for urban use and for maxi scooters, up to the most demanding touring-bikers. 

For more information on the new DemiJet Profile visit the Osbe official website in the section Urban Collection.

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